Fortnite is one of the world’s most popular video games, and it’s no surprise that professional players have discovered a few tips and tricks to help them dominate the competition. Many of these tips involve using Fortnite OG skins, which are exclusive cosmetics that can give players an edge in battle royale matches. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best strategies for utilizing Fortnite OG skins to gain an advantage on the battlefield.

The term “OG” stands for original gangster or original graphics. These skins were originally released in 2018, when Epic Games first launched its battle royale mode. They are limited edition items, each featuring unique designs and colours. The first batch of OG skins included Drift, Raptor, Brite Bomber, Tomato Head and Raven – all of which are still very popular with fans today. Although there have been many other limited edition skin releases since then (such as the Marvel collection), the OG skins continue to be revered as some of the rarest and most sought-after cosmetics in all of Fortnite.

How do professional players use OG Skins?

Professional players know that having access to unique looks can give them an edge over their opponents in battle royale matches. These skins offer a distinctive visual style and act as a form of psychological warfare against opponents who may be intimidated by your on-screen appearance. This gives you the opportunity to gain an advantage before the fight even begins! Here are some of the ways pros use OG skins:

Use colour coordination to stand out

A common tactic used by pros is to coordinate their outfit colour scheme with their chosen OG skin. By choosing clothing that matches or complements their skin colour palette (e.g. black bottoms with a red top when wearing Raptor), they create a recognisable look that helps them stand out from other players on the screen, while also helping them blend into the environment through colour-matching camouflage techniques.

Matching weapon colours for maximum impact

Another way pros use their OG skins is to match weapons with similar colours so that they look consistent when seen together in combat situations – such as using white sniper rifles alongside white pickaxes when wearing Drift, or black pistols alongside black assault rifles when wearing Raven/Brutus combos. This helps create a powerful visual impact that can make opponents think twice about engaging in combat against someone armed with such impressive firepower!

Use visual cues from your opponents

Finally, pros often use visual cues from opponents who may not be aware that they are giving away clues about their location or strategy by the type of skin they are wearing or the weapon they are equipped with – allowing pros to stay one step ahead and better prepare for upcoming fights!

Boost your performance with pro tips for using OG skins

While having access to exclusive cosmetic items can give you an edge over your opponents in Battle Royale matches, it’s important to remember that true success comes from skill and not just looks. With that in mind, here are some useful tips from pro players on how to maximise your performance when using Og Skins:

Know when to switch

Just because you’ve found certain combinations to be successful doesn’t mean they’ll always work – so keep experimenting with different looks based on environment types and enemy behaviour until you find something that works well for your playstyle! Don’t be afraid to switch things up from time to time either – sometimes just changing the colour scheme of your outfit can distract enemies long enough for you to escape unscathed!

Get creative with your building strategy

Building structures quickly is essential for survival and victory – but don’t forget the aesthetics! Professional players often use creative build strategies that involve building structures around Og Skin designs, such as building walls in the shape of Brute’s torso, stairs in the shape of Drift’s headgear, and so on – so don’t forget to get creative!

Take advantage when you have it

If your Og Skin has given you an advantage, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it; try sniping at unsuspecting enemies instead of shooting them directly if possible, or lay low until everyone else has fought amongst themselves before coming out swinging yourself – these small decisions will have a huge impact on the outcome of the game over time!


Access to rare Fortnite OGskins is no longer just the preserve of professional players – anyone willing to put in the time and learn effective tactics can reap the rewards, too! Whether you want to increase your win rate, stand out from the crowd with distinctive fashion statements, or hopefully make these tips and tricks provided by pros helped unlock hidden potential within Fornite skins arsenal!.