Smoking is a popular method for preparing food, and snack sticks are one of the most flavorful options. Smoking snack sticks can be intimidating initially, but it doesn’t have to be. With simple tips and tricks, you can master the art of hanging snack sticks in your smoker and enjoy delicious snacks in no time. Here are some secrets to help get you started! More info at eatingwithyourhands.

sum-sau-6Choose quality cuts of meat 

The key to making great-tasting snack sticks is to start with quality cuts of meat. You want to look for leaner cuts of beef or pork cut into small pieces that will fit easily into the smoker without overcrowding. Trimming off any excess fat before smoking is essential, as this can affect the taste and texture when cooked.  

Prepare your ingredients 

Once you’ve chosen your meats, it’s time to prepare your ingredients. This includes mixing the seasonings and spices that will give your kebabs their flavor and adding any extra ingredients, such as cheese or jalapenos if you wish. Ensure all the ingredients are well mixed so that everything is evenly distributed throughout each stick for optimum flavor.  

Mixing & Stuffing 

The next step is to mix and stuff the sausage mixture into the casings. This step requires patience and attention, as overstuffing or not stuffing firmly enough can cause cooking problems later. If possible, invest in a sausage stuffer, making this step easier (and less messy).  

Hang & Smoke 

When it comes to hanging your stuffed sausages on skewers or rods for smoking, there are a few tips to follow: Make sure they are evenly spaced so they cook correctly; use wooden skewers instead of metal ones so they don’t get too hot during cooking; consider using butcher’s twine around the skewer loops for extra stability during smoking; wrap several layers of aluminum foil around each rod/skewer before hanging to protect them from damage due to heat or moisture in the smoker; finally, pay attention to where you place your sausages in the smoker – some areas may be hotter than others, so adjust as needed to ensure even cooking results.   

Smoking time & temperature 

Once everything is ready in your smoker, it is time to set the temperature and start timing how long these little beauties need to finish! Depending on the type of meat you are using (beef vs. pork), different temperatures may be required – consult a trusted recipe guide before starting so that you know what kind of environment you should be creating inside the smoker while cooking. Regarding timing, 15-20 minutes per pound should be sufficient, depending on how thick/thin each stick is – keep an eye on them, though, as overcooking could result in dry or burnt ends!  

Chill & Enjoy 

Once smoked, carefully remove these delicious snacks from their skewers using tongs or gloves – allow them to cool completely before wrapping them in foil (or vacuum sealing) and storing them until ready to enjoy! Often people like to snack straight from the smoker. Still, we recommend giving them plenty of time overnight to cool completely before eating – this way. Everyone gets maximum enjoyment from every bite! Plus, chilling will also help to preserve freshness for longer if stored correctly afterward 🙂   


These are just some of the basics for mastering hanging snack sticks in a smoker – however, with practice and trial and error, anyone can become an expert smoker in time – Happy snacking, friends! More info at eatingwithyourhands.