Workout clothing needs to be functional, but that doesn’t mean they have to be drab. Workout clothes have come a long way from just sweats. You have been consistent at the gym and growing those muscles, reward yourselves with some gym wear and flaunt your achievements. Before buying, take a look at the following hints that y2k outfits have to offer.

Size of the gym wear

Usually, since it will be sweaty, we often prefer loose clothes for comfort. This may not be practically true.  Oversized clothes sometimes can be uncomfortable. A pant that doesn’t fit at the ankles may keep riding down, interrupt your workout and sometimes trip you too.

An oversized shirt hides all your hard work, and you may end up feeling not so much motivated to work out. An oversized t-shirt or a pant hides all that toned muscles. A tank with or without sleeves of your size is the right choice. A tank allows more arm room, and also, you can see the muscles flexing and rippling under that skin. There is nothing wrong with showing off the biceps you worked hard for.

The fabric

The choice of fabric is a critical decision in the gym wear section. The fabric has to absorb all the sweat and keep you cool inside. Else the discomfort wears you down soon. Choose a fabric that can drain out all the moisture to avoid this. Performance fabrics like polyester and lycra are ideal for workouts.

They also provide you with the stretch for all those squats and deadlifts.

Pants or Shorts

Honestly, this is a personal choice. But it also depends on the kind of workouts you are doing. A free-size short that doesn’t hug your thighs is suitable for leg workouts. A jogger or a track pant is ideal for a run as it absorbs the sweat during a run and keeps you going.

Compressing tights are also a good choice as it puts more effort into your workout, but not an essential thing.

The right underwear and the problem of seams

You ought to invest in the right underwear for your workouts. This is a suggestion that no one should overlook. Super-absorbent underwear keeps you comfortable and also keeps personal health and hygiene intact. Also, choose one that provides good support for your parts.

Remember to choose a seamless innerwear that doesn’t leave lines of rides up after the rigorous activity. This can cause discomfort throughout, and you might feel embarrassed to correct it every time.


The shoes

The right pair of shoes could help you form posture and save you from injuries. Choose a comfortable pair of shoes that are designed for workouts. They have breathable upperparts and cushioned soles that keep your foot firm and give you the proper grip.

Always remember not to wear any accessories to the gym. Don’t forget a towel, keep more than two pairs of gym clothing, and remember to wash them regularly right after use. Invest in a good duffel bag to carry all your gym gear. Buy some relaxed athletic wear and rock social media selfies with these tips.