Words With Friends cheat app (WWF) is a free and fun online Scrabble clone that has been around for over 10 years. It’s one of the most popular games on Facebook, so of course we all want to know what is the best word in WWF.

The problem with asking this question is there are hundreds of thousands (and growing) of words in the game. So how can you find out which word is the best?

Well, it turns out that there are several ways to do it. You can look at the popularity of each letter within the current set of letters, or look at the distribution of the letters across the entire dictionary. But, if you want to get an accurate representation of just what word is the best, there are other tools you can use as well.

1. The Popularity of Each Letter

Let’s start by looking at the current letters available in the game. If you go to the main lobby page, you will see a list of all of the letters currently in the game. This includes the 26 English alphabet letters, and some special symbols like “!” and “@”.

Each letter has its own number next to it, which represents its popularity. As you might expect, the more common letters have higher numbers. For example, the letter “A” scores a whopping 7.3, while the letter “C” only scores 0.8.

Now, this doesn’t mean that “B” is the second-best letter, because there are still many more “B”s in the game than “C”s. However, it does show you what letters are truly considered the most popular. And that’s good news for anyone trying to choose the best word in WWF.

2. The Distribution of Letters Across the Dictionary

If you click on the “dictionary” button when playing the game, you are presented with a list of every single word ever created in WWF. There are close to 200 million words in the database, with about 1.5 million new ones being added each week.

This list shows the words broken down into the letter counts they contain. Clicking on any specific word brings up a pop-up showing its name, along with the total number of times it has appeared in play during the history of the game. The numbers shown here aren’t necessarily a reflection of how often the word appears in actual games, though. These numbers include things like repeats, where the same word has been played multiple times in a row. If you were to remove those from the equation, the numbers would be much lower.

As you can see, the letter “G” makes up almost 20% of all the words in the game. So, if your goal is to find the best word in WWF, then making sure it contains a high percentage of the letter “G” should help you. However, that’s not always possible, because of the way the game works.

For instance, if you look at the top-ranked words, you will notice that they tend to be longer than average. In fact, the median length of the top 50 words is 17. The length of the longest word is actually longer than that, however, at 21 letters long. That means that even if you could get a high-percentage G in the best word, it may not be enough to make it the best word overall.

3. The Top Words Ranked By Frequency

Another way to find the best word in WWF is to look at the top words ranked by frequency. This method isn’t used very often, even though it is pretty simple to implement. To pull up the list, simply click on the “top words” link under the “word list” menu item in the lobby screen.

When you do, the screen will show you a list of the top 25 words by frequency. As you can see, the most commonly used word in the game is “the” followed by “to” and “in.” There are also three words ending in “you,” including “you’re” and “your.” The last two of those words are pretty common, but none of them appear in the first five spots. That tells us that people aren’t using those words nearly as much as they are others.

To determine the best word, you need to look at the total number of times the word is used. So, if you wanted to put together a great word starting with “b,” you would add up “ball” (1), “bobcat” (6), and “boat” (4). Then you would divide that sum by the total number of times the word appears in the database (which is 627,734).

The result is 1/627,734 =.001567%. Or, to say it another way, every 15,671 words you write in WWF will end up using the word “ball” instead of something else.

4. Randomly Generating All Possible Words

Of course, the easiest way to figure out what’s the best word in WWF is to generate all of the words in the game and pick one randomly. After all, it’s impossible to tell whether a particular word is really the best without seeing all of the possibilities.

There is a tool called Wordoid that does exactly that. You can click on either the “Random” or “All” buttons to run the program. Either option generates random words until the program runs out of data. But, before it starts generating words, the program provides a few tips on how to improve the results. They suggest you try to avoid the following:

  • Using punctuation
  • Using contractions
  • Avoiding proper nouns
  • Staying away from repeated words
  • Writing short words

After running the program, I was surprised to see that the results weren’t as bad as I expected. Most of the words generated contained at least one of the suggestions above. So, if you want to create the best word in WWF, don’t worry too much about the advice provided by the Wordoid developers.

And, if you want to keep score, it’s easy to do. Just enter the word into your game, and whenever you win, note down the letter combination and mark it in the scoring system. When you lose, erase the entry from the system.