In the technology of mobile phones is increasing and becoming a very important part of our life almost using every mobile gives you a personality and with the innovation in mobile phones now there are also customization features for your wallpapers available through which you can set it such that a video will be played when you open your phone now this is called live Apple wallpapers.

So on your phone when you want to use live wallpaper then there are a lot of ways through which you can create it. In this article, you will get to know about setting up the phone with live Apple wallpapers.

Setting the live wallpaper 

The very first way is you go to your Apple settings and choose the wallpaper now you will have the option of dynamic or life depending upon your choice you can choose the wallpaper but these wallpapers will be inbuilt which you would be able to set it on your home screen and lock screen or even both the places. 

For this, you need to apply these settings. Once the settings are done then you can check it on your phone when you open and close it you would be able to see a vivid and live video that is being played.

Using it through apps 

When you are using any other apps, then it is also an effective way through which you can create a live photo that you can play set on your lock screen. Through which you can set the live wallpaper. If you have some live photos or live videos then you would be able to make it on your home screen or lock screen or both.

For this, you would require to go to the settings menu and open the wallpaper option where you can change it based on your choice and the personalization that you want on your experience. Again you can use the customized wallpapers or you may also use the wallpaper that is already existing on the device.

Usage of the live wallpapers 

It helps in providing the device which an enhanced look such that whenever you open it gives attractive designs or videos that are played. Also when you want to personalize or customize your smartphone with the help of a live wallpaper you can make it all possible. 

If you want that you display your memories on your lock screen or home screen then live wallpapers will always make it view all your beautiful memories. If you want that the device that you are using looks very beautiful and customized then using live wallpapers will give you such an effect.

So overall when you want to use any video or live wallpaper then you need not think about anything but you may start using it as it is very easy to put a video on your mobile which is compatible to play it when you open your phone for use.