In 2011, a game appeared on the horizon that would revolutionize video games as we know them. In this new Minecraft game, players can build their desired world out of substances like dirt and stone. In addition, it allowed for a much more realistic experience than many other video games because players could build anything they wanted from scratch.

Minecraft is a game that takes place in a 3D world with loads of different terrain. The most exciting part is exploring the caves. It can be anything from an accessible cave to a tricky shelter. Caves are also plentiful and make for some of the best adventures in Minecraft. Here are some pro tips for exploring those caves.

  • Don’t Forget to Pack Your Iron Armor.

First and the major tip that you should consider to exploring caves is don’t forget to pack your iron armour with plenty of gold nuggets. Why? Because you will encounter enemies, and when you are in the cave, there is no possibility of escaping from them if you don’t have iron armour. Gold ingots will make you invincible against skeletons and zombies found in caves.

  • Diamond Sword is a Good Choice

A diamond sword or any other good one will be useful when you’re exploring caves. You cannot kill skeletons with a regular blade, which will cut them. Some other deadly monsters like spiders and lava spawners need to be killed instantly. Caves are dangerous, so you’ll need an excellent weapon to protect yourself from skeletons and zombies. 

  • Going the Easy Way

If you’re the type that likes adventure, for you to explore caves easily, then go for the easy way. Caves are usually guarded by monsters and a large number of them. So your best option is to find and craft an eye of ender, then finding a stronghold or an abandoned mine shaft would be the easiest way to explore caves. One way is to take advantage of the fact that cave walls are naturally generated in a particular area.

  • Don’t Forget About Multiplayer Mode.

Multiplayer mode is helpful for Minecraft caves because you can have a friend with you who can take care of some skeleton or zombie that wants to attack you from behind. If you are not the type who likes to explore a lot, this won’t work for you. It also gives you some company when exploring these caves.

  • Moving Fast is Good

If you’re in the mood for a thrill, then moving fast will be good for you. If you fear spiders or creepers, then moving fast might help you get away from them. Taking care of them will undoubtedly play a vital role in exploring caves.

  • Set a Goal

Having goals in caves is beneficial because you will be able to determine the way of going, meaning that if you want to get out of the cave as fast as possible, then going straight will be your best option. But if you’re going to go deeper into the cave and explore, then going sideways will do best for your purpose.

  • Be Careful With Your Eyes

The sound that comes out of these caves can screw with your eyes and make them focus on the monsters lurking inside them. The sound will be loud, and you may not be able to hear anything else, so keep in mind that your eyes should always be on the lookout for monsters.

The mentioned points are some of the essential tips that you must consider before searching for the caves in Minecraft. These tips will make it easy to explore various caves with ease and safety.