The snapping turtles are the common species of large freshwater turtle of Chelydridae. They are usually found in the North American river. In addition, such species of turtles are way too different and stronger than the other turtles. They have the most powerful jaws and are also known as snappers. However, snapping turtles are dangerous if they feel threatened.

 Also, they have a unique method of biting. There is no doubt that snapping turtles are sometimes found in the pocket from Mexico to Central America to Ecuador. The snappers, or snapping turtles, are known for their size and aggressive nature. The color of such reptiles is tan black, their lower shell is cross-shaped, and their upper shell is rough. 

The snappers have long tails, large heads, and curved jaws. The female of such species lays clutches up to 20 to 40 eggs; there are also two snapping turtles species present. Likewise, the snappers are divided into two main groups: the common and alligator snapping turtles. Such turtles have a different nature compared to other wild animals. 

  • Life span: –

We know that the snapping turtles or snappers are way too unique and aggressive reptiles that are dangerous only when they feel threatened. In addition, the life span of these reptiles is about 30 years. Thus this means, according to the research snapping turtles live up to 30 years, but sometimes the turtles may live more than their actual life span. However, the major thing about these turtle’s bodies is that it grows according to their age. So likewise, if the turtle, or we can say snapper is of 100 years, then his body will be about 26 inches in shell and 175 pounds weight. 

  • Food of snapper: –

The snapping turtles live both on land as well as in the water; these reptiles don’t intake any vegetables or fruits in their meal, just like the other turtle species. As the snappers are different from the others, so their meal is also unique from the others. Thus the snappers feed the dead animals, fishes, insects, birds, small mammals, amphibians, and a large amount of aquatic or, we can say water plants. On the contrary, if the snapping turtles are at the pet shops, then have the meals like romaine lettuce, mustard greens, and so on. 

  • Mating: –

The snapping turtles that are both male and females mates in the water. As we know that every species want to grow their newbies. So the mating of the snappers takes place under the water. In addition, the male snapper swims above the female snapper. After that, he grasps the shell of the female snapper with his claws and his feet. Also, the male snapping turtle manipulates his tails to the base of the female snappers’ tails. This is how they used to mate in the water and give birth to the new generation of their species. 

  • Habitat of snappers: –

The snapping turtles are the most unique and powerful species of reptiles. As they have the strongest hooked jaws. Also, the place or the habitat where the snappers or snapping turtles live in the water. Thus in simple words, the snappers’ habitat types are the slow rivers, marshlands, and, last but not least, lakes. These are some of the places where the turtles feel safe and comfortable. No doubt that the snappers can live in both places, such as land and water, but they usually feel relaxed in living water. 

  • Covering of snapping turtles: –

According to the research, the founders came to know that the snapping turtles are the most special specie of reptiles. They are fast, strong in power, and have many more beneficial characteristics. Also, the researchers found that the covering of the snappers or snapping turtles is way too different from the other turtles. Thus, in other words, the snappers are covered in scales, as they have a rough shell. However, because of such type of covering, these reptiles can easily live on land as well as water. 

Thus, in the end, the snapping turtles are the type of turtle species that is strong and have the most hooked jaws. In addition, they usually eat dead animals and aquatic plants for survival. Also, they only attack the people when they have intuition about any kind of threat or mishap.