According to the American Dental Association, around 70 percent of braces around the world are worn by women and they are for obvious reasons. In addition to that, according to the same report most of the people that wear braces are within the age groups 12 to 15. This is primarily because of the surge in the hormones of these girls. Girls in these age are more conscious of their appearance due to higher levels of estrogen and progesterone in their bodies. So, aside from aesthetics, why do your teen or even you need to wear braces Liverpool or your place has to offer?

Who needs braces?

The braces in Liverpool are recommended for people who have under bite, overbite and misaligned teeth. Quality Liverpool braces are usually the way to go especially when the patients are having difficulties with eating, speaking and confidence due to malformed facial features (especially the jaw). Braces are more effective when they are accompanied by early detection. The younger the patient is, the easier it is to correct the problem. According to the American Dental Association, the optimum age for a person to have a brace is around ten to twelve years old.

Overbite and under bite

Overbite and under bite problems are caused mostly by genetic problems. Although this problem cannot be avoided because you cannot choose your genes the way you choose apples, you can correct it. The mentioned problems above exist because of a malformation in the temporomandibular joint which basically is the reason why you can close and open your mouth. A few decimeters off and you will have problems regarding your bite.

Although this problem is not that usually serious, there are times that the braces Liverpool has will be the only saving grace for a person. This happens when the person would not be able to chew his food properly and begin to develop digestive problems. More details at attractive orthodontics.

What are my options?

The treatment of under bite, over bite and misaligned teeth are oftentimes treated with the braces Liverpool has after a thorough examination of the oral cavity. Your dentist will tell you what materials and technique you have as choices. These choices are the following:

· Metal – the most common and most prescribed by dentists worldwide due to flexibility and durability

· Ceramic – preferred by people who do not like to taste metal on their mouths, more fragile and more prone to breakage

· Lingual – placed somewhere in the lower arch, along the lingual ridge of the frontal teeth

· Invisalign – the newest of the mentioned techniques, consists of aligners that fix misaligned teeth and corrects facial features

Remember that there are reported cases where braces have inflicted damage instead of repair. With that being said, make sure that if you are planning to have braces for you or your kid, make sure that you go for the best braces in Liverpool. Take all the time and research what you need because a small thing such as a dental brace can do so much to you or your child’s confidence. Visit today!