Gravity bongs can be used to smoke weed and other dry herbs such as hashish. The gravity bong is an ingenious contraption that allows you to enjoy your favorite herb in the comfort of your home.

The word “bong” is a slang term for water pipe (which is what they are named after).

A gravity bong consists of two bowls, one of which is inverted over the other with a tube connecting them. A single draw on the gravity bong will allow you to inhale through the tube in a series of small puffs until you have achieved the desired effect.

This design makes it easy for the user to take quick draws by simply holding down the bowl with their mouth and letting go of the handle. Because it’s not dependent on gravity or air pressure for its function, the gravity bong does not require any type of pump, bulb, or battery to operate. All you need is access to some water and a little elbow grease.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Gravity Bong?

Using a gravity bong has many advantages. It can be portable, so you can bring it along to parties, bars, and anywhere else it is legal to use marijuana. Additionally, because there isn’t any moving parts, it is very simple to clean and maintain.

If you do decide to use a gravity bong at home, however, there are always going to be people who try to steal it from you. This is why keeping it locked up in a cabinet or closet is important if you want to prevent others from having access to your stash.

A gravity bong can also make it easier to smoke weed without using lighter fluid or other dangerous chemicals. When you light a traditional bong with lighter fluid, the heat causes the oil to become extremely flammable. This can lead to explosions and even burn injuries when you inhale too much smoke.

By using a gravity bong, a person is able to control the amount of smoke they inhale based on how much they draw off of the bowl. While this may seem like a disadvantage at first, it actually offers convenience. Instead of taking multiple hits on the same bowl, someone can just keep drawing off of it and smoking slowly.

Another benefit of using a gravity bong is that it allows users to achieve a higher level of concentration. By allowing someone to focus more intently on each pull, they are less likely to get high off of a single drag.

It is possible to build your own gravity bong, but doing so will cost you money and time. If you are looking to build your own gravity bong, here is how to do it step-by-step.

How to Build Your Own Gravity Bong

Start by selecting your materials. For this project, we recommend using either plastic or ceramic because these types of materials are durable.

Next, cut out a hole for the tubing. You should leave about 1″ of space around the bottom of the bowl so that the tubing can fit inside.

Take note of what pieces you are missing before beginning construction. These include a stem, base, and hose. They all come in different sizes, so find what fits best for you.

Once you have everything assembled, drill a hole into the bottom of your bowl so that the tubing can connect to it.

Connect the two halves of the bowl together using a pair of pliers.

Cut a hole in the center of the lid using a utility knife. Be sure to leave enough room to insert your stems.

Insert the stems into the holes in the lid. Then insert the ends of the tubes into the middle holes of the lid.

Now that you have everything connected, you can begin filling the bowl with water. Use a funnel to pour the water into the bowl while making certain to fill it completely.

Place the lid on top of the bowl and screw it on tightly. Then, place the entire apparatus back in the box and store it somewhere safe where no one will ever see it.

There are several ways to smoke weed from a gravity bong. Some people simply hold the bowl upside down above their head, while others use a special technique known as “the French inhale.”

To perform the “French inhale,” a person takes a deep breath through the tubing and releases it all at once. This method is said to give the best flavor experience and results in the most potent hits of any other method.

For those who don’t know how to smoke from a gravity bong, here is an instructional video to help you learn. There is also a tutorial on YouTube that shows you exactly how to assemble your own gravity bong.