We’ve all been there. You’re out with friends, sharing a few beers and enjoying the company of your favorite people. As you slowly get drunker, your inhibitions start to slip away as you make jokes that are probably way more offensive than they should be. Then it happens — you bite into one of those delicious gummy candies in front of everyone. It’s like you were possessed by a demon! But don’t worry, now you know how to calm down after having eaten too many Delta 8 Gummies that really work.

The best part about these tasty treats is that they come in three different flavors: green apple, strawberry, and watermelon. If you want something a little bit sweeter, then you can also try the sugar-free variety. And because these are made from natural ingredients, you’ll feel just fine when you wake up the next day, minus the fact that you ate a shitload of them on Halloween night. 

But enough about the candy. Let’s talk about what exactly makes this product so great. Delta® Gummy Bears® come in packs of 10 for $1.99 at grocery stores nationwide. They have an average rating of four stars out of five on Amazon and sell over 2 million units each year. So obviously, they’re doing something right, but what is it? Well, here’s a breakdown:

They Taste Great 

These aren’t your typical gummy bears — they taste like real fruit. Not only do they contain natural vitamins and minerals found in fruit, but they are also free of artificial colors or flavors. These sweets are also available in three distinct flavor combinations, which makes it easy to find ones that suit your palate. 

They Are Made From Real Fruit 

Each piece of fruit inside comes straight from a USDA certified organic farm in California. That means you know exactly where your food came from, and the farmers who worked hard to grow it. Plus, you know that the farmers were paid fairly for their work, and not taken advantage of by corporate farms. 

Plus, if you’re worried about pesticides and other chemicals being used on your food, then you’ve got nothing to worry about with Delta® Gummy Bears®, because they are 100% natural and free of any harmful chemicals. But even though they are safe to eat, we still recommend that you wash your hands before eating them. 

They Have A Low Sugar Content 

Unlike regular gummy bears, these treats don’t contain any sugar at all. Each piece of fruit contains less than 1 gram of sugar per serving. However, that doesn’t mean they are completely devoid of calories. For example, the green apple flavor has 140 calories per serving. But compared to other gummy bears, which often have around 180 calories per serving, they definitely won’t give you a heart attack. 

They Come In Packs Of 10 

Most gummy bears are sold in packs of 50 pieces. But Delta® Gummy Bears® come in packs of 10, making them much easier to consume without feeling like you’re going to pass out. They also fit perfectly into your purse or backpack, making them perfect for traveling. 

Additionally, since the natural product inside is in every case new, you won’t ever need to stress over the nature of your chewy candies. They will continuously taste as great as whenever you first eat them.

They Keep sufficiently going To Fulfill Your Sweet Tooth totally

You can hope to polish off a pack of 10 Delta® Sticky Bears® in less than 60 minutes. Simply ensure you drink a glass of water a while later, any other way you could wind up vomiting.

Also, these chewy treats taste incredible regardless of what season of day you eat them. Whether you’re eating on them while sitting in front of the television or going on them on an outing, these sticky bears stay quite damp (and delicate) for a really long time.